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Stories of Healing, from the Inside Out.

Experience the compassion and care delivered by the physicians at Florida Urology Associates through the patient testimonials listed below. If you’d like to tell us of your experiences, please share your story.

Dale’s Story

Dale talks you through the mental aspect of his ordeal. He had bladder cancer for a year before he recognized any symptoms. When he was referred to Florida Urology Associates and had his first appointment, he immediately began to relax, understanding there was a game plan in place. He says he was informed every step of the way.

Kris’ Story

Women have urological needs, too! At Florida Urology Associates, many of our patients are women. In many cases, they come to us after tolerating pain or discomfort far longer than needed because of the misconception that urology issues strictly affect men. For as long as she can remember, Kris Lyden experienced bladder control issues. She had resigned herself that it was just something she'd have to live with for the rest of her life. But then she came to FUA.